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Brewster Slim Card Case – Corter Leather

The Brewster Slim Card Case from Corter Leather is simple, functional, and the only thing a guy should be allowed to carry.  If you need anything more then you might as well be carrying a purse.  There’s a notch on the bottom of the case that eliminates the need for tweezers to get access to your cards, all you have to do is slide your thumb up the notch and the cards pop out the top. Want to know a little more about the maker of this brilliant card holder?  We thought so… Corter Leather is a super small operation consisting of one man and his tools. Every product is 100% hand made by maker Eric Heins in a bedroom studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Your Corter Leather goods are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind because each piece is cut by memory, without a template, and we all know that our memories aren’t perfect… but the Slim Card Case is close to it and you can get it here for $35.00.