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BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases

Sometimes the best products aren’t even available to purchase… and today that is the case. No pun intended.  The Bowden and Sheffield iPad Cases are currently a project on Kickstarter and have have 2 days left to put them over the edge.  They’re both identical in design, yet differ in the materials used.  Check out the Kickstarter page for more details. These cases have been designed to fully protect your iPad during everyday use as well as from bears, thieves, and leprechauns without sacrificing the design, feel or functionality of the iPad itself.  It’s sturdy enough to take a beating, but sleek enough for any setting. Kind of like a… There’s a lot of metaphors you could use there, but for some reason they seemed inappropriate.  Furthermore and even cooler, the cases are made of locally sourced materials in Provo, UT (home of Mitt Romney’s undergrad Alma mater).  Most of the materials used to produce the Bowden andSheffieldare produced within 50 miles of the studio.  Now it’s time to go and pledge… help create some jobs… give Levi and Eric something to do.  Cheers.