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Blue Claw Co. – Gooseneck Garment Bag

What’s more important: your garments or your garment bag?  It’s debatable…clothing protection devices are an extremely underrated piece of equipment. The Gooseneck Garment Bag from Blue Claw Co. is durable, mobile and will keep your clothes protected in any situation.  It’s pretty much like a walk-in closet and an armored tank had a one night stand and the result is this finely crafted garment bag. The Blue Claw Co. was dreamed up during a rigorous trek in Argentina and truly embodies passion for quality, unsurpassed durability and everlasting style.  The Gooseneck Garment bi-fold bag should be a required item in the arsenal of all working professionals.  It’s large enough to hold several suits, shirts or jackets, has a rear pocket for up to 3 pairs of shoes, and has a diagonal zipper that maximizes efficiency when loading or unloading garments into the bag.  Handmade in America.  Get yours here for $118.00 or call them up at 848-228-CLAW… is that a badass phone number or what?