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Blackstone Bags – Urban Quiver Camera Bag

Blackstone Bag’s Urban Quiver Camera Bag is made for day use, yet designed to be something different, that doesn’t look like a typical dorko camera bag. The tubular shape holds camera gear more efficiently… they made the design based on what’s going to be stored in the bag… simple, yet pretty brilliant. And that’s only “pretty brilliant” because the fact that it was also designed to not look like a camera bag to reduce theft is REALLY brilliant. Theft-reducing design, awesome. Most camera bags might as well have “I’m a tourist” signs attached to them and are as obvious as a fanny pack… Who wants to look like a tourist when they’re out taking photographs? Actually, you shouldn’t want to look like a tourist even when you’re a tourist. Designed, developed and manufactured to be absolutely badass in Portland, OR. Get it here for $125.00.

**Bags are currently oversold, although back-orders are being accepted. Orders placed today are expected to ship on August 8th.


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