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Blackbox iPad 2 Case – Bamboo

Blackbox Case is more than just a company.  More than just a product with a brand name.  More than just a case for your favorite Apple device.  They’re a family that understands you and welcomes you into their bloodline.  Blackbox Case is a product of curiosity, experimenting, and the hard work and obsession of some friends trying to make a case that actually serves a purpose and protects what it holds.  Why are so many iPad cases made out of soft, useless man-made materials?  If neoprene and bamboo were to fight, who would win?  Obviously bamboo… and the Blackbox Case iPad 2 case is handcrafted from solid, bad-ass bamboo in Golden,Colorado.  Bamboo is natural.  Bamboo is strong.  Bamboo is environmentally friendly.  Bamboo is for protecting Apple gear.  Neoprene is for old people with bad knees.  Still want to use your Smart Cover?  The iPad 2 Case will fit with or without it… so don’t worry and buy your case here for $99.00.