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Best Made Company – Cloth Extension Cord

When’s the last time you’ve seen an awesome extension cord?  Exactly… you haven’t.  Maybe you’re sentimental and have an orange one that reminds you of all your annoying trips to Home Depot, but it’s certainly not getting any bonus points for adding to the ambiance of your home or shop.  It’s not like discovering electricity or inventing the light bulb, but the Best Made Company Cloth Extension Cord is guaranteed to get noticed and add 10 sexy feet of distance to an existing cord that doesn’t get the job done.  The cloth covered cord is woven in Massachusetts using three stranded copper wires, covered in PVC insulation, and braided with a durable cotton weave before making the journey to New York where it’s assembled using solid brass plug blades set in chemical resistant rubber.  They’re recommended for indoor use with small appliances – so use it for a blender or a lamp, not a circular saw.  Sold separately and available in 3 colors: Red & White Herringbone, Black Solid, and Gold Solid.  Get yours here for $34.00 before you end up with another cord that looks like a Halloween decoration.