Best Made Co. – Hudson Bay Axe

This badass chopping utensil was designed by Best Made in New Yorkand drop forged in the fires of fourth generation axe makers in North Carolina.  The Limited Edition (we received 491/2011) Hudson Bay Axe is so awesome that it basically chops wood by itself.  The detail, craftsmanship and quality will leave you speechless.  If you want Christmas in October then order yours today because opening the box makes you feel like you were on Santa’s nice list.  Okay, enough about the holidays and how great it looks… let’s get to the stuff that really matters.  It’s portable, versatile, razor sharp and the handle is longer than most to ensure you’ll always be doing the ass kicking and not vice versa… wood will never have the upper hand again.  It combines the strengths of a larger axe with the finesse and safety of a smaller one for delicate work and chopping accuracy.

Here’s some info straight from Best Made:
“Based on the French Biscay Axe, the elegant and shapely Hudson Bay pattern was developed in 17th century and like the American Felling Axe, theHudson Bayhas since evolved into an icon of North American tool design, a top choice for many of the world’s great explorers, guides, adventurers, environmentalists, foresters, and canoeists.”

Every Best Made axe is Made in the USA, comes numbered with documentation and guarantee, and a fitted, top-grain leather blade guard. Get yours here before they’re gone for $135.00.

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