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Best Made Co. – Adorn & Emblazon Badge

We’ve featured their axes, bags, and even extension cords, but the true adage of Best Made Co. hasn’t received the attention it deserves until now… The Adorn & Emblazon Badge encompasses all of the Best Made core values as they unite on a patch that symbolizes much more than a painted axe.  We couldn’t sum it up any better than founder Peter Buchanan-Smith, read below:

“In the Spring of 2009 I painted 12 axes in my New Jerseygarage as a simple way to celebrate an important tool that was in neglect. Since I founded Best Made we’ve painted many more axes, facilitated the restoration of many neglected axes, and in the patented “Best Made Spirit” we have shined a light on many other important tools, makers, materials, and processes. No matter where life takes us this badge is our pledge to you: we will always remember our humble start, and will be guided by the love we have for the axe, and the uncomplicated, joyous act of adorning and emblazoning them.”

Obviously made in the USA. Get it here for $12.