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Ball and Buck Pocket Tee – Black V-Neck with Yellow/Blue Plaid

Pocket T-Shirts have been a staple item in many wardrobes for decades, yet Ball and Buck takes this simple piece of apparel to the next level with carefully selected colorful plaid pockets on solid colors that are sure to garner some extra attention.  Not only will you have more style, you’ll also get more wear out of your shirt… Ball and Buck offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all of their garments so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your new favorite shirt will be with you for the long haul. With manufacturing facilities on the East Coast, your garment is made when you order it in the factory that’s closest to your home. That means less time from the assembly line to you and less pollution in the environment. Obviously made of the highest quality materials in the USA.  Get it here for $38.00.

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