Ball and Buck: Making the best shirt in the world, in America.

The goal is simple… To make the perfect shirt.  Tried by many, yet achieved by none… until now.  Behold what can quite simply be referred to as the perfect shirt – aka The Hunters shirt.  It does everything you’d ever want from a piece of apparel and more.  It’s the Dyson Vacuum of the shirt world… Sure, shirts have functioned just fine in the past, yet only  Ball and Buck would dare to take it a step further… to a step few achieve… to the step of perfect.  It has features and benefits fit for astronaut hunters, however it’s available for hunters on earth and people who simply appreciate quality as long as this Kickstarter project gets funded.  Please help to make it happen.  We can’t keep on living in this world of imperfect shirts.

The below is from Ball and Buck:
“This Kickstarter project was created to fund the production of our first major product – The Hunters shirt. We have completed the sample run of shirts but need Kickstarter’s help (a bit over 15k) in order to cover the manufacturing costs the first full run of shirts that will take approx 3-4 weeks. We have purchased the thread, buttons, tags and materials but in order for our Arkansas factory to fire up their sewing machines and make these amazing shirts, we need the funding that we are hoping to generate through the site.  If we are able to raise more than our goal of 15k, we will put the additional capital to work.  50k will enable us to make enough shirts to stock the store and website for the rest of the year.  If we raise over 100k we can make more colors and even patterned shirts.  If we raise over 250k you can expect to see a full collection of shirts on the shelves in a store near you and you can be proud knowing you had a hand in creating America’s next major clothing brand.”