Archival Clothing – Web Belt

There’s no excuse for a closet lacking a few good belts. Even if your pants are tailored to fit and look like they’re painted on… a nice belt is still an essential style piece you’ve got to get into the rotation every once in a while.  It’s  like the 6th man of your closet…. let’s just call it the Jamal Crawford. Expected to perform well whenever called upon no matter the situation.  The Archival Clothing Web Belt fits the bill in every way possible.  Enough style to dress up, yet casual enough to wear with jeans and a t-shirt.  The British mil-spec cotton is dense, stout and becomes more supple with use… without ever losing its structure (you know some of those cheap belts feel like a piece of Olive Garden fettuccine after a few wears). This simple yet iconic waist securing device is made from 1″ wide webbing, two solid brass rings and a Horween Leather tab to secure the end.  These materials are in it for the long haul… plus it’s finished with the Archival signature red bar-tack.  The Web Belt comes in a few different sizes (as well as colors) so be sure to fit yourself per the instructions before randomly guessing you’re a S, M, L or XL.  Obviously made in the USA.  Oregon to be exact.  Get it here for $32.00.