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AO Eyewear, Inc. – Limited Edition General Sunglasses

The AO heritage began in 1826 when a jeweler named William Beecher realized that the spectacles being offered were quite rudimentary, poor fitting and needed an overhaul. “I can do better” was Beecher’s motto back in the early 1800s and his legendary vision still lives today as AO engineers shades guaranteed to meet the rigid standards of the U.S. Military. Millions of U.S. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen have trusted their sunglasses since 1958 as they’ve become an iconic accessory for the face. The Limited Edition General features Gradient Polycarbonate lenses in blue, grey, green or brown. As with most timeless products, they’re developed with function first and remain in vogue year in and year out. Just like Sir William of Beecher, the company continues to uphold the value of producing the highest quality, innovative and design-driven eyewear products that withstand the test of time. Get them here for $87.00.