Alden for Epaulet West Egg Sand Suede Longwing

You’ve got to watch the video to truly appreciate the care and attention to detail that goes into making a pair of Alden shoes. This “sand” suede Longwing is exclusive to Epaulet and is sure to get major attention. Forget the break-in period, the “flex-welt” leather sole is bathed in oil to make it exceptionally supple, yet as durable as any other leather sole. These are as comfy as your favorite sneakers from the moment you put them on and the style is a great split of dress and casual.

For the true shoe dogs out there, here’s some more info:  Upper is made of butter-soft full-grain suede with glove leather liner.  Outsole is oiled leather “flex” sole.  Uses the Leydon last for a slimmer, modern shape.

There’s a limited run of 18 units so you better act quickly to get your hands on a pair. Maybe you should order them first, then

watch the video.  [vimeo]

Add these to your footwear arsenal and they are guaranteed to get heavy rotation. Obviously made in America, Massachusetts to be exact. Get them here for $450.00.

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