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Acorn Bags – Small Saddlebag

There’s no better team than a husband and wife… and that explains why the products coming from Acorn Bags will blow your mind as every stitch, seam, zipper, fabric and function has been meticulously analyzed and tweaked to perfection with the care that could only come from a team that’s committed for a lifetime.  The goal is to create simple, yet functional designs that you’d be proud to strap on your bike and cruise around town.  The Small Saddlebag from Acorn might not catch your attention at first glance, but the ingenious design allows for a modest sized bag that’s big on features and sure to impress.  Let’s get real here… it’s not like you’re going to take this thing to Costco and get groceries for the month, but it’s perfect for your snacks, phone, sunscreen and toolkit…with enough extra room for a spare tube or two.  Handmade with care in Southern California.  Quantities are currently limited due to high demand, but be patient and get yours here for $65.00.