Bringing it back.


It’s ironic that America once thrived by manufacturing domestically during the Industrial Revolution and now finds herself in a situation that requires going back to the way it was… hence the backwards America.  Bringing it back.

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The obviousamerica philosophy is simple.  Designing, developing and manufacturing in the United States isn’t dead, it’s just beginning.  During the last few decades we’ve witnessed fundamental flaws in the way America functions as outsourcing and globalization have not only become common place, but the only way that businesses are able to compete.  Yes, we’re patriotic and believe in America, but we’re different.  It’s not all about bald eagles, American Flags, overzealous patriotism and apple pie… it’s about local manufacturing, improving quality, utilizing domestic talent, creating jobs, and supporting small businesses and the American economy.  Our dependence on foreign production and labor is unsustainable and we need to re-revolutionize the way business is done in the United State.


Founded in 2010, obviousamerica is committed to seeking out and sharing made in the USA products that otherwise would be very difficult to find. The made in USA business community is small, but growing and will continue to grow as more Americans realize the importance. You can’t spell obviousamerica without USA in the middle.

obviousamerica is more than a blog, more than a website, more than a brand… it’s a movement. We firmly believe that the answer to our nation’s financial problems will not be found by exploiting the next poor country, but by bringing manufacturing back to the US and producing products locally. Yes, it’s currently hard to compete with the large corporations that outsource labor and production, however the rising cost of oil and other non-renewable resources is changing the game. Shipping products overseas is becoming more and more expensive, giving domestic companies the opportunity to provide higher quality and safer products at increasingly competitive prices. It’s not just a trend…we’re willing to pay more for quality and products that are made in the USA. Furthermore, local manufacturing reduces waste and is better for the environment. Double bonus.


Our ultimate goal is to share unique, talented and badass MIA companies with the masses as well as help improve the US economy by educating consumers about the importance of domestic manufacturing and buying locally. Collaborations with other MIA companies and obviousamerica gear is in the future as well, obviously made in the USA, stay tuned.