Ernest Alexander – Mercer Brown Leather Messenger

Ernest Alexander’s Mercer Messenger Bag features a buttery, soft brown leather with a slight vintage finish and is perfect for the workday, weekend or whatever other day you come up with and want to use it on.   It’s got a hidden closure underneath the flap to keep your treasures secure without looking like

Ebbets Field Flannel – Portland Beavers 1944 Cap

Ebbets Field Flannel founder, Jerry Cohen, grew up fascinated with sports emblems and uniforms and as a youngster would purchase baseball cards to see the new uniforms rather than the players… that ended up paying off because when he found out that it was tough to find vintage jerseys he started making them himself. People literally wanted to buy them …

“Team America” in Menswear Magazine

There was a hidden MIA gem in the June 2011 issue of Menswear Magazine.  Check out the “Team America” article featuring OA favorites like Pendleton Woolen Mills, J.W. Hulme Co., Randolph Engineering, Hamilton Shirts, AG Jeans, Red Wing Shoes, Imogene + Willie, Ernest Alexander and more.  Click here for more info or to subscribe.

Duluth Pack Basket

If you need something that offers a little more protection than a traditional backpack then the Duluth Pack Basket is for you. They’re super comfortable, versatile, and offer protection for fragile equipment. The bottoms are reinforced and feature wood runners to elevate the load above ground to protect your goods from water, mud or whatever else you might set it …

Randolph Engineering – Aviator Sunglasses

There’s aviators and then there’s Randolph Engineering Aviators. They’re built for the US military and surpass all standards that try to hold them back. They aren’t just shades, they’re equipment for your face. When NASA Astronauts lift off the launch pad or when the best American pilots climb into the cockpit they’re rocking the Randolph Engineering Aviators. Get a pair …