BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases

Sometimes the best products aren’t even available to purchase… and today that is the case. No pun intended.  The Bowden and Sheffield iPad Cases are currently a project on Kickstarter and have have 2 days left to put them over the edge.  They’re both identical in design, yet differ in the materials used.  Check out the Kickstarter page for more details. These cases have been designed to fully protect your iPad during everyday use as well as from bears, thieves, and leprechauns without sacrificing the design, feel or functionality of the iPad itself.  It’s sturdy enough to take a beating, but sleek enough for any setting. Kind of like a… There’s a lot of metaphors you could use there, but for some reason they seemed inappropriate.  Furthermore and even cooler, the cases are made of locally sourced materials in Provo, UT (home of Mitt Romney’s undergrad Alma mater).  Most of the materials used to produce the Bowden andSheffieldare produced within 50 miles of the studio.  Now it’s time to go and pledge… help create some jobs… give Levi and Eric something to do.  Cheers.

Colsen Keane – No. 510 iPad Sheath w/ Buckle

History is art.  The goal of Colsen Keane custom leather goods is to create a narrative around the items you own.  It’s no longer just a watch or a jacket or a bag…the value shifts from monetary to memories. Products that last a lifetime increase in value due to the memories created and associated with them. Colsen Keane leather pieces have form, function and a story…they’re highly practical, yet turn heads.  And best of all, they’re something you can pass down from generation to generation.  The featured No. 510 iPad Sheath with Buckle is made to fit all three generations of the iPad with the Apple Smart Cover attached.  It’s made with a special run of Crazy Horse hide that’s loaded with rich oils and texture that allow the sheath to vary in shade with every use.  Each one is truly unique to the owner and it only gets better with time.  Each one is hand-crafted in the USA and takes four hours to complete. Lifetime Warranty… not sure if it’s your life or your grandchild’s, but it will stand the test of time either way.  Get it here for $115.00.

Rickshaw Bagworks – Messenger Bag for iPad 2

Can you be new and improved if you’re a new company?  Well Rickshaw Bagworks has improved upon all other bag designs with their lineup of products straight out of San Francisco, California.   Apple headquarters and the geniuses in Silicon Valley who dreamed up the iPad aren’t too far away… maybe that’s why they’re so good.  The Messenger Bag for iPad 2 is made from scratch and only weighs 16 ounces (which is also known as 1 pound).  It’s not just a bag, it’s something you’ll get attached too…like in a pet kind of way.  Now go to their website and buy a new “pet bag”.  You surely won’t regret it.  The Earl Grey Performance Tweed version shown above is $90.00…or design your own.  It’s up to you.

Grove iPhone 4S Bamboo Case

Believe it or not, it’s ALL done in Portland, Oregon… Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Web Development, Product Design and Prototyping, CNC and Laser Production, Hand Craftsmanship, Photography, Marketing, Order Processing, Customer Service, Taking out the Garbage, and Watering the Plants.  Yes, that’s right… absolutely EVERYTHING is handled by the Grove team straight out of PDX.  No one has a title and corporate drama doesn’t exist…Grove is all about people doing what they love and making badass products.  The iconic Grove iPhone 4S bamboo case will stand out in a crowd and the craftsmanship and attention to detail will blow your mind.  We want to warn you of one potential problem… there is a chance that you’ll start admiring the backside of your phone more than the actual screen.  It’s like Angry Birds for the other side of your phone… super addicting. Check out the Grove website for an array of designs and get yourself a case – they start around $89.00.

The Woods DODOcase for iPad2

There are many parts of this country where manufacturing is very much alive… and San Francisco is no exception. DODOcases are designed and manufactured in this wonderful city by the bay with unmatched style and quality that has won the hearts of fans the world over.  Unlike the extinct DODO bird, there are many DODOcases to choose from. One of our favorites is the Woods DODOcase, designed by artist Darel Seow (one of the winners of the inaugural community design competition), which offers a stylish design that Read the rest of this entry »

iOmounts™ – Fully Rotational Stand for Tablets & Smartphones


Before you read any further, check out KICKSTARTER… This Project will only be funded if at least $32,481 is pledged by Friday, October 7.

You can’t buy an American made iPad or iPhone (at least not yet), so you might as well do the next best thing and get a super functional accessory that’s made in the USA. iOmounts™ provides a simple, extremely versatile and space saving mounting system for smartphones, tablets, e-readers, picture frames and other approved devices.  Everyone can use some help with organization and reducing clutter – and if your desk looks anything like ours then you’re willing to try anything… iOmounts™ comes to the rescue as it basically cleans your desk for you. The patent pending design offers quick attachment of your device while allowing for omni-directional movement so you can view your screen at any angle or orientation.  iOmounts™  is working with local manufactures and craftsmen in Denver, Colorado to Read the rest of this entry »

Blackbox iPad 2 Case – Bamboo

Blackbox Case is more than just a company.  More than just a product with a brand name.  More than just a case for your favorite Apple device.  They’re a family that understands you and welcomes you into their bloodline.  Blackbox Case is a product of curiosity, experimenting, and the hard work and obsession of some friends trying to make a case that actually serves a purpose and protects what it holds.  Why are so many iPad cases made out of soft, useless man-made materials?  If neoprene and bamboo were to fight, who would win?  Obviously bamboo… and the Blackbox Case iPad 2 case is handcrafted from solid, bad-ass bamboo in Golden,Colorado.  Bamboo is natural.  Bamboo is strong.  Bamboo is environmentally Read the rest of this entry »

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