Bushakan – An Eye(wear) Opening Kickstarter Project

We know you have a lot of glasses (hopefully a pair that’s been featured on OA), but where do you keep them?  Finally there’s a simple and clean, yet brilliantly designed piece that will keep all of you eye-wear aficionados organized.  Welcome Bushakan, a San Francisco based duo that’s about halfway to their goal of making this Multiple Pair Glasses Stand a reality on Kickstarter. Comes in three or five pair size. We’re also guessing that it doubles as a mini bean-bag toss game with three or five scoring options if you lay it down flat… what a bonus. Check it out and pledge, you know we’re going to… obviously made in San Francisco, USA. More images by clicking link.  Read the rest of this entry »

FairEnds – Blue Hickory Camp Cap

Outgrowing the New Era flat brim style?  Yet want something that doesn’t scream “I’ve given up”? The perfect cap has arrived.  It flawlessly blends outdoor adventure and urban style to achieve the look you’re going for…  FairEnds offers a variety of 5-panel camp hats and traditional ball caps for adults, babies, and everyone inbetween.  The unstructured cotton canvas, non-branded hats subtly make a statement while keeping things extremely simple.  Each one is made in the USA and made to comfortably cover your dome no matter the occasion.  Get the Blue Hickory Camp Hat (pictured above) or choose from the rest of their lineup… prices are around $36.00.  Enjoy.

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases

Sometimes the best products aren’t even available to purchase… and today that is the case. No pun intended.  The Bowden and Sheffield iPad Cases are currently a project on Kickstarter and have have 2 days left to put them over the edge.  They’re both identical in design, yet differ in the materials used.  Check out the Kickstarter page for more details. These cases have been designed to fully protect your iPad during everyday use as well as from bears, thieves, and leprechauns without sacrificing the design, feel or functionality of the iPad itself.  It’s sturdy enough to take a beating, but sleek enough for any setting. Kind of like a… There’s a lot of metaphors you could use there, but for some reason they seemed inappropriate.  Furthermore and even cooler, the cases are made of locally sourced materials in Provo, UT (home of Mitt Romney’s undergrad Alma mater).  Most of the materials used to produce the Bowden andSheffieldare produced within 50 miles of the studio.  Now it’s time to go and pledge… help create some jobs… give Levi and Eric something to do.  Cheers.

The Bottle Wrench Bottle Opener – Original

Tired of using the other end of a wine opener to crack a cold one?  Everyone’s done it… but you shouldn’t be using the same device to open a bottle of wine (that you can’t even pronounce because it has 12 syllables) as you do when you just want a beer. It’s one syllable for a reason… Easy to say and easy to drink.  I can say beer 6 times before Cabernet Sauvignon finally rolls off your sophisticated tongue. Anyway, back to the story… now you’ve got a utensil that will open your beers for a lifetime. The Bottle Wrench bottle opener is hand formed from a 100% real metal wrench and is created to rip the cap off of a bottle in the manliest way possible.  Functional and affordable… get yours here for around $10.00.


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Colsen Keane – No. 510 iPad Sheath w/ Buckle

History is art.  The goal of Colsen Keane custom leather goods is to create a narrative around the items you own.  It’s no longer just a watch or a jacket or a bag…the value shifts from monetary to memories. Products that last a lifetime increase in value due to the memories created and associated with them. Colsen Keane leather pieces have form, function and a story…they’re highly practical, yet turn heads.  And best of all, they’re something you can pass down from generation to generation.  The featured No. 510 iPad Sheath with Buckle is made to fit all three generations of the iPad with the Apple Smart Cover attached.  It’s made with a special run of Crazy Horse hide that’s loaded with rich oils and texture that allow the sheath to vary in shade with every use.  Each one is truly unique to the owner and it only gets better with time.  Each one is hand-crafted in the USA and takes four hours to complete. Lifetime Warranty… not sure if it’s your life or your grandchild’s, but it will stand the test of time either way.  Get it here for $115.00.

We Are All Smith – Vintage Military Zipper Necklace

It’s hard to believe, but OA has been around for well over a year and made in the USA companies are growing at a rapid pace.  More and more people are realizing and experiencing the positive impact that domestic sourcing and manufacturing has on our economy… it’s been an exciting ride and fantastic to see many of the small companies that have been featured on OA grow and prosper.  Our first post on We Are All Smith was on March 17, 2011 and they’ve expanded, now offering another site… the Smith Town Market (WeAreAllSmith.com continues to be the site for t-shirts) which offers accessories, bags, jewelry and home items.  Check out all the new stuff they’ve got, including the Vintage Military Zipper Necklace made with a vintage 1970′s zipper from the US military.  Get it at the Smith Town Market for $24.00… and check out all of the other new gear as well.

Kolstom – Carbon Fiber Sunglasses


Introducing the world’s first molded carbon fiber sunglasses – made in the USA.  These new kolstom shades were launched about 3 weeks ago on KICKSTARTER and now 100% funded… but new companies can always use some extra funding.  The kolstom classic sunglass frame is manufactured using carbon fiber reinforced polymer that is widely used in motorsports, performance outdoor sporting goods and in aerospace due to its high strength-to-weight ratio.  This allows for the frames to be both light and extremely strong while the lens features a polarizing core, 4 UV filters, 2 shock absorbers and 2 scratch resistant layers… a combination that will provide unrivaled style and comfort while protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays.  The design also features a robust stainless steel hinge that locks both open and closed by using a spring-loaded ball detent system so you don’t have to worry about the legs on your shades flailing all over the place when you’ve got them stored on the go.  Check them out on KICKSTARTER here.

Rickshaw Bagworks – Messenger Bag for iPad 2

Can you be new and improved if you’re a new company?  Well Rickshaw Bagworks has improved upon all other bag designs with their lineup of products straight out of San Francisco, California.   Apple headquarters and the geniuses in Silicon Valley who dreamed up the iPad aren’t too far away… maybe that’s why they’re so good.  The Messenger Bag for iPad 2 is made from scratch and only weighs 16 ounces (which is also known as 1 pound).  It’s not just a bag, it’s something you’ll get attached too…like in a pet kind of way.  Now go to their website and buy a new “pet bag”.  You surely won’t regret it.  The Earl Grey Performance Tweed version shown above is $90.00…or design your own.  It’s up to you.

Cibado – Buffalo Leather Bags

Founded in 2008, Cibado is a one woman operation that offers premium leather goods that demonstrate a love for design and obsession with details and age old hand work techniques.  The unique designs are hand-cut, sewn and stitched out of a small studio in the town of Carbondale, Colorado, about 170 miles west of Denver.  The Buffalo leather (sourced out of Hotchkiss, Colorado) bags are meticulously crafted to ensure functionality, quality and long-lasting durability. A Cibado hand sewn bag comes together using the traditional saddle stitch, cross stitch and sometimes the simple running stitch.  New methods like “son of a stitch” and “stitch please” are currently in development.  Just kidding.  All handles, thread, and leathers are obviously sourced right here in the U.S.A. Check out the website for more information or email info@cibado.com to order.

Imperial Industries, Inc.

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple… what do you think about this?

Made by barbers. 

Made to work.

Made in the U.S.A. 

Yep, it’s simple, yet effective and efficient.  Imperial Industries, Inc. are purveyors of premium barber grade products that are grounded in heritage, function and utility.  They’re based out of Los Angeles, California and have 26 years of combined experience in the barber industry.  In today’s “more blades are better” and “look at how stiff my hair is” culture it’s refreshing to see a company striving to perfect the authentic craft of classic American styling.  You should be finding Imperial Products in a store near you soon… in the meantime check out their website for more information and make a purchase.

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