The Casper Mattress

Casper MattressCasper has taken the mattress from mundane to insane. Your horizontal nightly sleep (or other activities) now have a made in America mattress option that will leaving you feel so rested and patriotic you’ll wake up feeling like a bald eagle.  Casper basically found the secret recipe for awesome…  Just the right sink, just the right bounce.   It’s a technology duo consisting of premium Latex foam for cooling and bounce and memory foam (which was originally developed for outer-space) for supportive comfort.  Developed and crafted with exacting standards to ensure you sleep like a baby and wake up with the energy of a 7-year old all for a price a teenager could afford. And the best part is you no longer have to push a full-sized bed through a house maze for setup…The Casper Mattress is resilient enough to compress-ship (same day shipping in NYC, 5 days cross-country) and fit through any door… except doggy doors. Just open the box and release your new sleeping device.  Obviously made in the U.S.A., NYC to be exact.  Get yours here for between $500-$950.

Archival Clothing – Web Belt

Archival Clothing Web BeltThere’s no excuse for a closet lacking a few good belts. Even if your pants are tailored to fit and look like they’re painted on… a nice belt is still an essential style piece you’ve got to get into the rotation every once in a while.  It’s  like the 6th man of your closet…. let’s just call it the Jamal Crawford. Expected to perform well whenever called upon no matter the situation.  The Archival Clothing Web Belt fits the bill in every way possible.  Enough style to dress up, yet casual enough to wear with jeans and a t-shirt.  The British mil-spec cotton is dense, stout and becomes more supple with use… without ever losing its structure (you know some of those cheap belts feel like a piece of Olive Garden fettuccine after a few wears). This simple yet iconic waist securing device is made from 1″ wide webbing, two solid brass rings and a Horween Leather tab to secure the end.  These materials are in it for the long haul… plus it’s finished with the Archival signature red bar-tack.  The Web Belt comes in a few different sizes (as well as colors) so be sure to fit yourself per the instructions before randomly guessing you’re a S, M, L or XL.  Obviously made in the USA.  Oregon to be exact.  Get it here for $32.00.


Padron Watch Co. – The Hennepin Automatic

Padron Watch Co

Pardon me?  No, Padron me.  That’s the new phrase for when you want to hint that your wrists are looking bare and you need a new timepiece.  The Padron Watch Company was founded in 2011 by Leo Padron with the mission to create serious timepieces with both durability and iconic design in mind.  Mission accomplished.  A Padron is a perfect watch for today and will be a perfect watch in 50 years when you hand it down to your grandson. One of our favorites is the Hennepin Automatic, a timeless design that’s hand-built and made with durable materials like sapphire, surgical-grade stainless steel and supple leather. The Hennepin is also 100 Meter water resistant… which is 328 feet or 10 ATM (for the math dorks that care). Padron Watch Co. is located in Minneapolis, MN…so in addition to being water resistant, it’s safe to assume they’re cold as f*** resistant as well. Get it here for $389.00.

Tactical Walls – 825 PLS and 1242 RLS

tactical wall shelvesSo you thought trap doors and secret storage compartments were only found in video games and movies?  Think again.  Tactical Walls is pioneering innovative and stylish wall pieces to stash your firearms. It’s like Pottery Barn for gun owners. The new shelves come in two sizes with easy to understand acronyms to differentiate what they’re meant to store… The 825 PLS (Pistol Length Shelf) and the 1242 RLS (Rilfe Length Shelf). They’re super easy to install, offer the functionality of a traditional shelf, and provide a foam lined cavity beneath the surface for discreet storage.  Worried about accidental access to your protection utensils?  Relax… The compartments have hidden locks that disengage with magnetic keys (because normal, non-magnetic keys wouldn’t be as badass).  If you’re interested enough to purchase the shelves, make sure you go the extra mile and get the optional L.E.D. lights that illuminate when the shelf is opened.  Obviously handmade in the USA… with real hardwood.  Get them here for $295.00 and $395.00 respectively.

Phar North – Get Beachy Hat

PharNorth HatTo quote the crew at Phar North… “Supporting American manufacturing is more than a trend.  It makes sense and keeps Americans working.”  This is the reason obviousamerica (check our about page) was created and we love to see more and more companies joining the movement… bringing it back.  Their “Get Beachy” 6 panel flat bill snap back is must have for any head wear enthusiast and the color is in the beige/khaki family so you can wear it with pretty much anything… plus it will look clean for years as sweat and dirt will melt away into the natural pantones. Get it here for $24.00. Phar North is making all the right moves to ensure you’ve got all the gear you need for an active lifestyle no matter where you’re located… but if you happen to be in Bozeman, Montana be sure to check them out.  Go Bobcats.


Wellen – Panel Trunk

wellen color blockIt’s the middle of summer and you’re probably getting tired of that Hawaiian print or plaid suit you’ve been sporting three summers too long… Luckily Wellen has exactly what you need to subtly update your swimsuit style.  The  Panel Trunk is a Two Tone Trunk (alliteration at its finest – could also call them the triple T) that offers a great monochromatic grey look from the front with a nice neon panel pop on the backside to let everyone know you’re not  one dimensional and boring.  The draw string keeps everything where it needs to be and it even has a gusseted Velcro fly so there’s no risk of an accidental snake show. Obviously made in the USA of 100% brushed polyester. Get them here for $66.00.  Or if you’re in southern California pick them up at Seaworthy in Carlsbad.


IAN JAMES – Patton Pack

Ian JamesSick and tired of having to use a briefcase or messenger bag because they look “more professional”?  Think you’re too old to rock a backpack because it makes you look like you’re headed back to kindergarten?  Does JanSport come to your mind when you see someone in business attire sporting a backpack?  These are all problems of the past.  Introducing the Patton Pack from Ian James - the answer to all of your everyday carrier problems.  It utilizes the perfect blend of tan cowhide leather and navy canvas, offers lots of storage with 2 zipper pockets and has internal components to separate your laptop from the rest of your gear.  Don’t go to your next meeting looking like a toolbag, get a backpack that suits your style.  Obviously made in the USA , NYC to be exact.  Get it here for $185.00.

BILLYKIRK – No. 317 Large Carryall, Royal Sport

billykirk royal sport bag

How do you make a perfect bag even perfecter?  I couldn’t tell you either… That’s why I rely on the craftsmen at fine companies like Billykirk to figure it out.  Check out the reinterpreted design of the classic No.166 Large Carryall. This version is lighter, sportier and makes for a perfect summer weekender (4th of July, duh) or gym bag. Do you even lift bro? It’s made using a water repellent royal cordura material, navy nylon pack cloth lining, and US made black mill-spec plastic hardware with natural leather accents. Further advancements from the predecessor are the front and back outside slot pockets and two interior pockets with a D-ring to hang keys (the kind of place where you place your keys in such a good spot that you’ll forget where they are… then remember later only to remember how smart you are).  Finally, this bag won’t crumble like a lot of the spineless bags out there… It’s made with a sturdy 20″ lightweight frame it stands 14″ tall and can expand to around 12.”  Obviously made in the USA. Get it here for $297.00.

Best Made x Pendleton Woolen Mills – Lumberlander Camp Blanket

Lumberland Camp Blanket

Best Made continues to pump out high quality outdoor gear for nature enthusiasts…and when they partner with a company that’s been around for more than 150  years you know it’s got to be good.  From axes, to chairs, to plates and now blankets… anything you’ll find on the Best Made site is guaranteed to meet and exceed all of your needs. As we approach camping season and 4th of July firework displays, there’s always a need for a great ground covering device.  Introducing the Lumberland  Blanket (Lumberland is a small town in upstate New York, home to the Best Made crew’s camp). Designed in New York by Best Made Co. and made exclusively by Pendleton Woolen Mills, the Lumberlander Camp Blanket is woven from domestic wool, blended with a small amount of cotton for a softer hand-feel, and is finished with tucked selvage sides and a whipstitched top & bottom. Each blanket comes secured in a Best Made leather blanket sling, making it perfect for campers on the go. Get it here for $184.00. 



Note, current KICKSTARTER Campaign, click here! It’s about time that we’re able to give our feet a truly made in America experience.  There are plenty of American made shoes, but all too often the ever important sock is overlooked.  Not anymore. Behold Boldfoot Socks! They’re on a mission to create awesome socks for men and women, proudly made in America with comfort and quality you can count on (with free sock insurance just in case). Boldfoot was started to help spark a movement and bring apparel manufacturing back to the U.S. (similar goal to that of obviousamerica!) Currently, just 3% of all apparel sold in America is  made on U.S. soil and I’m no mathematician, but that’s way too low. It’s time to make “Brinking it Back” a reality and adding socks to the mix is not quite starting from the ground up, but it’s 2nd after shoes!  Boldfoot Socks are sewn just outside Philadelphia, PA and ready to take the sock game to a whole new level.  Check out their website here… and their KICKSTARTER Campaign here (again, in cased you skipped to the end!).

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