CONTANGO – A Modern Reboot of the Classic Briefcase

Introducing CONTANGO – a small outfit in NYC that’s reinventing the way you think about carrying gear for men.  Normally, this would be the time to insert a man purse joke or something like that… but I’m over it.  It’s been done.  Let’s get real here… dudes need a solid piece of equipment for carrying around their supplies just like everyone else out there, but it’s tough to find something that is compact, easy to carry, durable and still has enough storage for everything needed for the modern workday.  Now there were plenty of  ”beauty shots” of the new Axton Brief to choose from when selecting a featured image, however I went with  Features and Benefits page (aka Design and Durability)… why?  Because it sets this briefcase apart from everything else out there… simply demonstrates “why it’s better”.  The Axton is made with 5 oz. “pull-up” side leather so your bag will take on a look and character of its own after you’ve had it a few weeks, the solid copper rivets and burrs would make even Levi Strauss proud, and the industrial grade nylon thread and nickel zipper will ensure this is the last briefcase you’ll ever need.  Comes in two great colors, Tan and Black.  Check them out here.


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MBAs Across America


With a vision similar to obviousamerica, MBAs Across America are on a journey to educate and promote American entrepreneurs via a cross-country trip you can follow on their website.  Check it out and get America back in the game.



Rancourt & Co. – Brilliantly Handcrafted Footwear

“Handsewing a lost art?  Not here in Maine”… says the Rancourt & Co. landing page on their website.  And they’re not kidding.  Rancourt & Co. was one of the vendors at American Field in Boston over the weekend and the proof was in the pudding.  Ray, the on-site shoemaker and Mountain Dew tasting captain, meticulously pumped out pairs of perfect loafers as galleries of people watched in awe.  It’s rare to see such a craft in person and you can’t help but stare for an awkwardly long time.  The Rancourt family has been making genuine handsewn moccasins in Lewiston, Maine, for three generations… it all started with Dave Rancourt, and continues today with co-founders, Mike and Kyle Rancourt.  More to follow on this great brand, but wanted to quickly share the phenomenal image above that captures the art of handcrafted shoemaking.


3 Minute Video Tour of American Field hosted by Ball and Buck

Weren’t able to make it to American Field hosted by Ball and Buck?  No worries… This video shows you all of the following brands in 3 minutes!  Randolph Engineering, American Made Matters, Rancourt & Co., Kara Kochalko Photography, Ball and Buck, Made Movement, Bison Leather, Greenwich Vintage Co., Tellason Denim, Vanson Leathers, Sterlingwear of Boston, General Knot & Co., Locksicker Denim, Bailey of Hollywood, Ursa Major, Hellbrand Leatherworks, New Balance, HTFD Denim Co., Red Wing Shoes, Almanac Industries, Topo Designs, Jack Robie, Bornhardt, Taylor Stitch, L.I. Sounder Co., Frost River, Stormy Kromer, Lacrosse Metal Design, Frank Clegg Leather, Hudson Sutler, obviousamerica, Shwood Eyewear, Folk Magazine, Project Repat, Osmium, Paradog Gear, Four Roses, Black Magic Coffee Company, and Voyage Nautical Goods. Bittersweet that it’s over…

Facebook + Twitter OA Shirt Giveaway – Made in USA

Pretty simple… Like or Follow obviousamerica on Twitter/Facebook for a chance to win a Free OA T-Shirt that will be on display at American Field.  Speaking of American Field… Check out all the vendors that will be attending.  Don’t miss it.  Good luck…


It’s almost time… American Field will be open to the public from 10am until 5pm October 20 and October 21.  If you’re in Boston check it out… Tons of Made in USA companies and vendors ready to show off their latest and greatest products/ideas.  5 mens shirts are above… 3 womens below.  Obviously made in USA. See you there.

AMERICAN FIELD – The All-American Pop-Up Market


This October, Ball and Buck will be hosting the inaugural “American Field” All American Menswear Tradeshow. “American Field” is a gathering of USA Made fashion, apparel, footwear, and accessory brands in Boston’s South End for a two-day public tradeshow. Participating vendors will be showcasing, and selling, their all USA Made products. Food trucks will be serving great eats and we will be working with the City of Boston and Local Micro Breweries to have a beer garden.

The goal of American Field is two-fold; to not only raise awareness for these quality American brands, but also to inform consumers so that they can make educated decisions about how to spend their money. If every consumer spent just 5% more on USA made goods, it would create nearly 1,000,000 USA jobs and assist in the building of the US economy. The only way to achieve this goal is if we work together. The American Field market will show customers and the nation that there is a choice.

American Field will be open to the public from 10am until 5pm October 20 and October 21. We are expecting to draw 1,000+ visitors. Vendors will be arriving the morning of October 20 to prepare their booths within the covered brick structure (currently used for parking) near the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Randolph St.



Ball and Buck: Making the best shirt in the world, in America.

The goal is simple… To make the perfect shirt.  Tried by many, yet achieved by none… until now.  Behold what can quite simply be referred to as the perfect shirt – aka The Hunters shirt.  It does everything you’d ever want from a piece of apparel and more.  It’s the Dyson Vacuum of the shirt world… Sure, shirts have functioned just fine in the past, yet only  Ball and Buck would dare to take it a step further… to a step few achieve… to the step of perfect.  It has features and benefits fit for astronaut hunters, however it’s available for hunters on earth and people who simply appreciate quality as long as this Kickstarter project gets funded.  Please help to make it happen.  We can’t keep on living in this world of imperfect shirts.

The below is from Ball and Buck:

“This Kickstarter project was created to fund the production of our first major product – The Hunters shirt. We have completed the sample run of shirts but need Kickstarter’s help (a bit over 15k) in order to cover the Read the rest of this entry »

Bushakan – An Eye(wear) Opening Kickstarter Project

We know you have a lot of glasses (hopefully a pair that’s been featured on OA), but where do you keep them?  Finally there’s a simple and clean, yet brilliantly designed piece that will keep all of you eye-wear aficionados organized.  Welcome Bushakan, a San Francisco based duo that’s about halfway to their goal of making this Multiple Pair Glasses Stand a reality on Kickstarter. Comes in three or five pair size. We’re also guessing that it doubles as a mini bean-bag toss game with three or five scoring options if you lay it down flat… what a bonus. Check it out and pledge, you know we’re going to… obviously made in San Francisco, USA. More images by clicking link.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Hans Leather Chair – Lounge Comfortably

Finally there’s a lounge chair that you actually feel like lounging in… Most chairs that are aesthetically pleasing offer comfort similar to the bleachers at Fenway.  The Hans Leather Chair challenges the status quo and blends comfort and beauty that will add character to any room in the house.  A homage to Scandinavian tradition of elegant woodworking and built in the USA, the Hans ergonomic structure is cast of sustainably harvested and engineered European beech… it’s even certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.  Available in two plush leather options, Reynolds Caramel or Reynolds Dove – order a fabric swatch for $2.00 or open up that wallet and make the purchase now at Dwell Studio ($2040.00). No one likes a clashing furniture collection… you can coordinate with a matching ottoman for $1260.00.

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